Future shines bright for electronic vehicles worldwide

May 18, 2023
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The world is fast embracing electric vehicles! No wonder which part of the world you might inhabit, a few EVs would be roaming around the environment. That is a godsend to save the earth from pollution and its destructive effects. The sooner the globe has more of them, the better. Imagine an EV compounded annualised growth rate (CAGR) of 21.7 percent. By 2030, EVs will probably reach 39.21` million units.

Every primary vehicle manufacturing company is busy building EVs with a futuristic slant. Encouraged by governments, EVs will rise and shine bright though change takes time. We cannot afford to wait too much longer because of the urgent environmental need. Without EVs, cutting down on CO2 emissions on a large scale will not be possible. Besides, fossil fuel resources are rapidly dwindling. Why not exploit renewable energy resources like incredible solar power? Wouldn’t you rather own an electric vehicle? That would be a clean and energy-efficient vehicle that is powered by electricity.

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Petrol is an ecologically destructive fossil fuel. We need to do something together to save the planet fast. What is keeping many people away from EVs? They are more expensive, and most look at the price tag first. The truth would be the many significant advantages that follow the purchase.

Consider the ample reasons in favour of electric vehicles:

Cheaper running costs and maintenance

EVs present better performance. The future, like solar panels, will deliver huge savings. EVs have fewer moving parts compared to petrol and diesel-powered engines and thus the ease of service. The components will not need repair or replacements, therefore the savings.

Minimise carbon emissions

The younger generation needs to do more. Global warming and climate change currently affect many parts of the world, leading to heightened political crises. Though differences cannot happen overnight, steady progress would help. Better air quality leads to superior health parameters. Environmental concerns require urgent attention, which means survival for sure.

Set up charging stations

Cars hardly last a lifetime. Incentives help you buy an EV the next time you buy a fancy vehicle. Charging electric batteries requires numerous charging stations, especially on the highways and in congested towns. Goodbye to waiting at fuel pumps. Charging can be done even at home with the correct charging equipment.

Enjoy great tax benefits

I look forward to substantial tax savings personally or on the company account with EVs. The government provides the subsidy, and the income tax increases the savings.

Drive safer and stress-free

A gear less experience simplifies driving. It is easy and peaceful driving with little noise. Combustion engines and exhausts are absent. The risks of depression and heart disease or high blood pressure are minimal. Would you believe electric vehicles existed at the beginning of the 20th century? Probably not but it is true. With numerous cars being manufactured, better roads, and cheap petrol, it was time to ditch electric vehicles in the mid-1930s. Now in 2022, it is the opposite with high fuel costs. The rich countries realise the environmental dangers and will inevitably find solutions through EVs and solar power.

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