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Uproot Technologies is an established global provider of Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services tailored to the aerospace industry.

With aerospace companies depending greatly on the smooth import and export of goods and equipment, Uproot Technologies plays a pivotal role in the efficient management of airlines, manufacturers, MRO suppliers and a host of other aviation-related businesses.

The global trade of aerospace parts, resources, and technologies faces particularly complex challenges when it comes to customs regulations, shipping times, and the need to comply with a diverse array of international laws and regulations.

Partnering with an experienced EOR/IOR provider that understands the specifics hurdles that the aerospace industry faces is pivotal to success in this sector. Uproot Technologies ensures full compliance with all local laws and regulations in the import/export arena, with our expert team managing all documentation, licences, and permits required.

With an in-depth understanding of the customs regulations in each country, we allow aerospace companies to precisely factor time and cost variables, ensuring the prompt and dependable tracking and delivery of items to locations worldwide.

Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services play a central role in managing import and export procedures for the aerospace industry, including the meticulous management of licences and certifications, fuel services, the handling of import duties and taxes, and providing accurate HS code classifications.

With the efficient handling of these variables crucial to smooth global supply chains in the aerospace sector, Uproot Technologies plays a key role in the success of a varied range of aerospace businesses, from airlines to maintenance, repair and operations contractors.

Managing Licences & Certifications

Uproot Technologies streamlines the import and export of aerospace components by managing crucial documents such as import-export codes, payment terms, and delivery licences, while providing continually updated data.

HS Codes

The accurate classification of HS codes (Harmonised System) is vital to the smooth trade of aviation goods. Uproot Technologies provides precise HS code classifications, ensuring compliance with all customs, duties and taxes.

Duties and Taxes

Our state-of-the-art systems ensure precise tax calculations, profoundly simplifying the complex arena of import duties and taxes for aerospace goods.


Certifying the origin of imported aerospace goods is vital, with Uproot Technologies arranging certificates of origin for every item to ensure its compliance.

With our multilingual team enhancing communication across any number of territories, we deliver a seamless Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services tailored to the precise needs of organisations working in the aerospace industry.

To find out more about our aerospace services and how we can help your company improve its operations, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Aerospace IOR/EOR Services

Aerospace Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services

Uproot Technologies provides tailored IOR/EOR services for the aerospace sector, facilitating compliant and efficient global transactions. Our expertise ensures seamless operations for all aerospace entities, enhancing supply chain reliability worldwide.

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