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Electronic Boards Design & Manufacturing

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Rest assured that our PCBs are of quality and meet all industry standards. Moreover, our relentless dedication to maintaining cost-effectiveness ensures businesses can effortlessly capitalise on our exceptional services without straining their financial resources.

Our design and raw material sourcing expertise allow us to create high-quality PCBs at competitive prices. Even if your company works on a tight budget, we can solve your PCB needs effectively.

PCB Design

Electronic Board Design

Whether you require analog, digital, or mixed-signal technologies, our highly experienced team will deliver the PCB solution you’re looking for quickly and effectively. Incorporating.

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DDR5, PCIe Gen 5, and 5G interfaces along with a comprehensive range of RF options, our custom boards are designed to deliver durable, outstanding performance at an affordable price.


Parts Research & Selection

We select the optimal components based on the client's requirements.

Schematic Capture

Leveraging state-of-the-art CAD systems, we create the circuit design.

Board Layout

Our boards are laid out using Valor NPI to ensure signal integrity and thermal parameters.

Design Rule Check (DRC)

Our team analyses the design to ensure the board functions reliably and at the desired levels of performance.

Gerber File Generation

From copper layers to drill data, we produce detailed design data for every element on the board.

Our design and raw material sourcing expertise allows us to create high-quality PCBs at competitive prices. Even if your company is working to a budget, we can offer an effective solution.

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Our engineers conduct a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review to verify every aspect of the production design.

Material Selection

From solder mask type to base material, optimal solutions are chosen that meet both the client specifications and IPC standards.

Electrical Testing

Once assembled, boards are thoroughly tested for accuracy and quality using precision testing equipment.

PCB Fabrication


PCB Assembly

With our extensive manufacturing resources, Uproot Technologies creates custom PCBs that cater to your exact demands. Contact us to discuss your manufacturing requirements.

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PCB Build

Electronic Board Manufacturing

Uproot Technologies operates a leading-edge PCB manufacturing facility that maintains exacting quality control standards.

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We design

PCB Design

PCB board
No matter what technical specifications you require, our team of designers will work with you to create a viable, cost-effective design.
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WE Build

PCB Manufacturing

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Operating state-of-the-art production facilities, Uproot Technologies delivers PCB manufacturing that meets the highest standards.
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How we design

Precision. Care. Expertise.

With every step of the design process meticulously handled by our expert team, we deliver PCB designs that not only meet your performance requirements but are delivered rapidly.

How we Manufacture

Reliability. Speed. Performance.

Our manufacturing facility offers rapid turnaround times without sacrificing quality in the process. Combining cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with precise quality-control procedures, we deliver the PCBs you want in the time frame you need.

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