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Importer of Record & Exporter of Record Services in the Middle East

Obtaining the correct import/export licences
Complying with customs regulations
Paying relevant duties and taxes

The Middle East contains some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Uproot Technologies offers extensive IOR & EOR services to help companies open up new trading horizons in the region.

Uproot Technologies has been delivering Importer of Record and Exporter of Record services in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia for over a decade.

With the experience we’ve gained, we’re well-equipped to help companies trade quickly in the region without having to navigate the complex array of local regulations.

At Uproot Technologies, we’ll assign you a Key Accounts Manager (KAM) who will handle all compliance and legal documentation on your behalf. Your KAM will ensure that all goods are properly documented and that all taxes and duties are paid.

With your KAM handling all local rules and regulations, trading goods in the region becomes a far more streamlined process.

If you want to ship and sell goods in the Middle East, our Key Accounts Managers streamline the entire process and ensure you comply with all local import laws.

From correct documentation to the timely payment of duties and taxes, our team has extensive experience handling all the legalities involved in importing and exporting to the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. With Uproot Technologies as your trading partner, the shipping process becomes a simple and efficient procedure.

Make the import & export process smooth.
Take the burden to do business in the foreign land
Zero interaction of customers

For businesses exporting goods from the Middle East to other destinations, we provide quick and efficient Exporter of Record (EOR) services, including the management of all formalities required for export clearance.

Our team handles all communications with local authorities and expedites necessary documentation compliance in line with local regulations.

Once the paperwork and legalities are in place, the shipment clearance process begins, with our team working diligently to keep the process as smooth and simple as possible for our clients.

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