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Importer of Record (IOR) & Exporter of Record (EOR) Services in Australia

Obtaining the correct import/export licences
Complying with customs regulations
Paying relevant duties and taxes

Suppose you don’t have any registered business entity in Australia, or you don’t have any import permit or authorisation.

In that case, Uproot technologies help you by Importer of Record (IOR) & Exporter of Record (EOR) Services to ship hardware, telecom products, machinery, medical equipment, and many other essential things.

We do the complete documentation and get the permits for other official formalities. You need not interact with the authority within the whole process.

Zero interaction of End-users
Open new market for business
Provide goods to the customer not available locally
Opportunity to develop new market
Increase competitiveness and growth
Reduce risk depending on the local market
Generate more revenue
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Need to get the permits, including quarantine permits for the specific type of goods you require for import or export business. Need to know if those permits are mandatory according to safety standards. You must follow correct rules and regulations to avoid the rejection of licenses.

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When commercially importing goods in New Zealand, it is essential to clear those goods through customs. Here ECI or electronic cargo information plays an important role. Every importer has to register with customs, and they need to submit electronic cargo information or fill up an import entry form.

If reaching New Zealand, you need to declare any commercial goods or items. Then within 20 days of the arrival of goods, you need to lodge the import goods details through the custom entry clearance process. MPI recommends accommodating all the import details well in advance. Depending on the mode of goods delivery, they decide whether it needs lodging details well in advance or not.

If it delivered by the sea - Before arrival not more than five days. Suppose provided by air - not more than one day before goods arrival. Once customs verify the entry clearance and check and confirm the charges and duties, you can’t pick up your goods. One more option that you can apply is through biosecurity laid by MPI.

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